Are you leaving 6 FIGURES on the table?

If you are building a business as a fitness instructor, personal trainer, or health/wellness coach and you aren't making TRIPLE what you made at the gym you need to do this now. It will take you less than 10 hours to complete, and it will save you months of trial and error.

Let's Do This!

Hey Fitness Instructors and Trainers!

What would it be like if you didn't have to worry about filling your workouts in addition to leading them?

What if you had an audience ready and waiting - and even begging to send you money to help them reach their fitness goals?

What would it mean to you and your family to make an extra $500 | $1000 | $2000 during the week of bootcamp - and every single month after??

STOP posting flyers in coffee shops and hustling in the direct messages - and find what REALLY WORKS to fill your workouts now.


3 Ways This Kickstart Will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!​

  • Fill your program with rabid fans

  • FINALLY get PAID what you are worth while changing lives!

  • Build momentum, excitement, and passion for the BUSINESS of fitness - let's make this fun!

Bootcamp is 5 days of LIVE trainings, laser coaching, and homework implementation sessions. I am going to lead you step-by-step in kickstarting your profitable fitness business, and ensure you are building a business that you love running.

Ready to be challenged in a community of action-takers just like you?



"The SOYoW Bootcamp made me feel safe and powerful. Safe that I didn’t have to stumble my way to the next level of my online business alone for another year or two or three. Because I have a business coach like Kelly..."

- Naledi S.

"The #SOYOW Bootcamp is jam-packed with  information & steps which will result in an increase in your class participants as well as income. This is truly a “bootcamp” that’s designed to get results if you put in the work. No worries if you aren’t able to attend the live sessions. They are recorded so that you can watch them as much as you want."

- Antoinette W.

"I registered to the bootcamp with the basics and I finished having my notebook full of ideas, plans, suggestions, and more. It was totally worth it. So, if you are not sure yet, just do it and don't think about it too much. The experience was priceless!"

- Mara S.



What Will You Learn?

Creating Programs Your Peeps Can’t Resist Buying
How to build the exact program that aligns with your values and expertise, sells like hot cakes, and makes a real impact in your clients’ lives by enlisting your audience EVEN IF you don't have a large following currently.

How to get Paid What You’re Worth
Determine your PERFECT price so you can confidently fill your workouts or your program with motivated clients who are begging to work with you.

Multiply your Audience AND your Paying Clients
Grow your audience AND number of paying clients easily without paid ads, crazy social media antics, or poaching members of other groups.

Create Genuine Service-Based Relationships that Result in Sales without Being Sleezy or Sales-y
Stop doing the CRAP you hear gurus spouting and fill your program with paying clients WHILE keeping your integrity. No more posting on community bulletin boards, poaching from other groups, or feeling like a pest.


About Your Host...

I'm Kelly Coulter, host of the The Fit Pros Show and creator of the Sell Out your Workout Business Building Bootcamp.

I have been a fitness instructors AND a web geek since the 90's. And I built a community of 8K+ fit pros at Grow your Fitness Business on Facebook. I know all about creating a presence, serving customers, and building an audience!

Since 2014 I have bootstrapped two 6 figure businesses. I am here to show YOU how to do too so you can build a business that makes a real difference in the lives of yourself, your family, and your clients!

Get off the fence and start leading your fitness program, making money, and improving lives!

The Sell Out your Workout bootcamp has led over 600 instructors and trainers STEP-BY-STEP  through all the technical and logistical issues so they are leading workouts to lots of paying clients. 

​“I recently finished Kelly Coulter's ... Challenge workshop: a step-by-step through all the technical and logistical information you need to lead a session online. I would love to participate again. It was AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME. I learned a lot and gained some resources. I won a free 1-year subscription to Muscle Music Mixes. Way too AWESOME. Thanks Denise Imbesi. ... Thanks Kelly, you ROCK.” 
- Michele B.

“I could not let this time go by without giving a great, big, huge shout out to Kelly Coulter! I have become a part of this group during this time of quarantine and I am currently in her ... Challenge. She has been so motivational, informational and inspiring. She has really helped me overcome many obstacles and fears, in this time of my virtual teaching. As Fitness Professionals, we are so fortunate to have her as a leader. Whats even better is that, she is a real, sincere and just awesome person from the inside out. I am so great full to have been a part of her challenge and this group. Thank you Kelly!!” 
- Jennifer E.​